Commercial Fire Damage Restoration San Diego

After your San Diego business goes up in flames and the first responders ride off into the sunset, the story is far from over. The real work is only about to begin. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of seeing your business reduced to ash and soot, take a minute to be grateful that everyone made it out of there intact. Once that’s done, give Inch Construction & Restoration a call.

For the last several years, Inch Construction & Restoration has been providing San Diego business with quality fire damage restoration services. There are few things more mentally and emotionally draining than seeing your livelihood flicker in a fire and then later watching the firefighters take off to the next emergency. That is why local business owners need to know that expert help is just a phone call away. Though we hope you never have to call us, if your business does suffer from a fire, know that you can lean on our experienced and insured tradespeople in your time of need.

In the wake of a fire at your place of work, give Inch Construction & Restoration a call and we’ll have someone over sealing, tarping and assessing the extent of the damage as quickly as possible.

Fire Damage Restoration Requires Fast Action

We understand that after a fire in your San Diego business, you will probably just feel lucky that everyone got out alive. However, you can’t rest easy just yet. Effective fire damage restoration work depends on fast action. To mitigate the extent of repairs required, Inch Construction & Restoration’s technicians need to get in there within 48 hours of the fire. Here is a timeline of what happens when fire and smoke damage is left to sit for an extended period of time.

Within Minutes

Acidic soot residues will yellow any plastics on the premises, small appliances will discolor and porous materials like marble and alabaster discolor permanently.

Within Hours

Acid stains bathroom grout, fiberglass bath fixtures turn yellow, uncoated metals become tarnished, furniture and appliance finishes discolor.

Within Days

The acidity causes painted walls to yellow, metal corrodes, pits and rusts, wood will require refinishing, vinyl flooring will need to be replaced and upholstery is permanently stained.

Within Weeks

Synthetic carpeting becomes permanently discolored, glass will require replacing and silver plating will be badly corroded.

Cleaning up soot residue must be done as quickly as possible to avoid the damage worsening overtime. Soot isn’t the only danger to your property. If the fire department put out the fire with water, letting it stand for longer than a couple days could result in serious mold and mildew problems. Not to mention, this is all happening with your business un-operational, which poses serious problems for your finances.

Rather than let the situation worsen, act fast and contact Inch Construction & Restoration. When you get in touch with us shortly after the fire and we can get started right away, you are making sure that your San Diego business is going to survive this terrible trauma. So, contact us as quickly as you can.